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Success Without Vision - This is my story of a successful life while dealing with blindness.

My Stories

Be Careful What You Wish - A most inspiring and motivating story about complications from surgery that left me paralyzed and how I recovered.
Hard To Believe - Hard to believe, falling down the basement steps was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
Joining the Zipper Club - I joined the zipper club in 2004, this story should convince everyone not to dismiss a potential medical problem.
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes, 2012 - This is an interesting story why I wore ladies high heels one day. The story is very serious but written with a touch of humor. The program is a fund raiser for the Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling Center. This story contains some hilarious video and photographs. My story can make you laugh and cry at the same time. It is definitely worth the read to help stop and bring attention to a major problem. It took a lot of brave men to support women in this way. There is a very funny video of me using some powertools.
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes, 2015 This is the 2015 story of my participation in the program. Again I think you will find it funny and motivating.

My GUIDE DOG Stories

Otter my new Freedom Guide Dog -This is a heart warming story about Otter, one amazing Freedom Guide Dog
Freedom Guide Dogs Benefit Magic Show - I performed a benefit magic show for Freedom Guide Dogs in honor of my new guide Otter.
My Decision To Get A Dog Guide The story about my decision to get a guide dog was chosen as the 2007 first placewinner in the International Association of Assistant Dog Partners, IAADP, writing contest. It was truly an honor for this award for the best opinion story.
A Story About Trinity - The kids of Trinity Lutheran Church sponsored a Freedom Guide Dog; this is a positive story about our youth.
Indy Visits The Library

My Guide Dog Discrimination story and some educational information

The New Jersey State Attorney issued a press release educating business owners, hopefully preventing future guide dog discrimination cases.

New Jersey Attorney General Press Release
Seeing and Hearing Similarities (almost unbelievable).

I had to place this story with the complaint since it ended up being a follow up.

If you have any questions about service animals in places of business in the United States, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division. for information directly from the Disability Rights Section. The information will be displayed in a new window.

My Woodworking Story

Woodworking Ability
Woodworking Photo Gallery here are a few pictures of my wood working projects.
Bird house/ Planter Plans - Detailed instructions for a blind woodworker to make a birdhouse planter

More of my stories

Our Trip To Australia. - Purchasing a bottle of Jacob's Creek Wine, Australia’s Top Drop, we won a trip to visit the winery and made some very special friends.
Motivational Magic For many years I used magic as a motivational tool. Being a blind magician really inspired many people.
My Linking Ring story The Linking Ring The magician’s member publication was doing a story about brick and mortar magic shops. They are closing all around the country and this is the story that I submitted.
Guide dog talk and magic show For almost 19 years I have not been performing my motivational magic. After I was paralyzed from surgery going wrong, I did not think that I could do a stage show ever again. Here is the story of my first public show since the surgery November 1995. This show was one week before Karen and my 40th wedding anniversary. She has always supported me. There is even a little humor about the anniversary in the story. We plan to do many more shows…
My minds eye memories of pottsville - Something to be said for losing one's sight.
Photographic Journalism, A story of love.
Amateur Radio Stories - Several short stories about amateur radio.
Would You Like Some Cheese? - A very humorous situation that took place in an Italian restaurant.
Genuflecting-My introduction! - A funny story about accompanying a friend to his church.
I was almost in the movies! - A humorous event that happened to me during the filming of the movie The Distinguished Gentleman Starring: Eddie Murphy.
First Talking Computer I had the world's first talking computer linked to an IBM main frame computer. It is quite an interesting story.
When To Use A Cane
How To Be A Sighted Guide Information on how to guide a blind person.

Published letters and news stories

Indy's Letter To The Editor - This is the first letter to the editor that I wrote with the hope of educating the public about guide dogs.
Big responsibilities face new guide dog 04/11/2007 - This is a letter to the editor written in the third person about Micah, my second Freedom Guide Dog, accepting employment in Pottsville. It has a touch of humor with a very serious message.
Micah's first public service 06/19/2007 - As a result of the letter to the editor about Micah accepting employment in Pottsville, we were invited to be the keynote speaker for a Good Will Industry award breakfast. I think I was also upstaged by a dog.
Freedom Guide Dog visits school - This is a thank you letter that I sent to the editor of our local newspaper. I spoke to my grandson’s 4th grade class about my Freedom Guide Dog. It may be used as a sample for anyone doing speaking engagements.
Bond spurs gift Published 07/26/2007 - This is a news story that appeared in the Pottsville Republican & Evening Herald.
I lost my independence, Published: Monday, April 6, 2009 - This is a news story about Toga, my new Freedom Guide Dog that appeared in the Pottsville Republican & Evening Herald. In the article there is no mention of Toga's name, Until we bonded I did not want anyone else to know and say her name. .
Muttmuffs hearing protection for dogs, Published: December, 25, 2013 - This is a news story about Toga and her new hearing protection, that appeared in the Pottsville Republican & Evening Herald. .

Guest Stories

Adversity: by Maureen Barnard - This is an extremely inspiring letter.
Really flying blind By Alan Paganelli -Story about the world's first blind pilot.
Another genuflecting Story By Anne

You are invited to submit a guest story, any personal experiences, humorous or serious, related to blindness. Send your stories to Lenny


  • Blessed are they who refrain from shouting when they speak to me.
  • Blessed are they who talk directly to me and not to someone else.
  • Blessed are they who say who they are when entering a room and say hello to me.
  • Blessed are they who say goodbye to me when they leave so I am not left speaking to the air.
  • Blessed are they who do not hesitate to say SEE when talking to me.
  • Blessed are they who tap my shoulder gently when they approach from behind or from the side when speaking to me.
  • Blessed are they who wait for me to extend my hand before shaking it.
  • Blessed are they who place my hand on an object such as the back of a chair when telling me where it is, so I can seat myself.
  • Blessed are they who do not leave me in a strange environment without orienting me to it.
  • Blessed are they who offer me their arm so they can serve as my guide, instead of grabbing, pulling or shoving me.
  • Blessed are they who come up to me in a large crowd and offer to help me when I appear disoriented.
  • Blessed are they who do not embarrass me in a group of people by openly referring to my blindness in word or action.
  • Blessed are they who laugh with me when I tell a joke related to blindness.
  • Blessed are they who read me the menu and its prices and allow me to order my own meal.
  • Blessed are they who take me to the cashier so I may pay for my own meal.
  • Blessed are they who do not distract my guide dog from being my active eyes.
  • Bllessed are they who treat me like a human being, for like it or not, I am a human being.
Author: Unknown


Here is an extensive list of resources for people with visual impairments.

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Lenny and Micah

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Lenny and Indy

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My Mind's Eye

As time passes, I know that we all are changing. The physical changes are immediately apparent to the sighted world. In my case images of old friends and classmates are frozen in time by my memory.

I had to include this photograph. I have changed so much since high school that some classmates did not recognize me at my 35th reunion. When they went home and looked in their yearbooks, then they remembered me.

High School Graduation, June 1965

Lenny Photograph High School Graduation 1965

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World Tour

I am so very humbled that this web page has been on a “World Tour”. My old dear friend Mike Fisher insisted that I share my stories with the world. He could not have been more correct.

Here is the list of the countries from which I received positive emails about the web page content, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, Porto Rico, Scotland, And Zambia.

Special Thanks

To Karen, my best friend (from Lenny)

A very special thanks to my loving wife for all that she has done for me. She is always there for me when I need her support and help. She always has a great smile, I can always hear the smile in her voice.

When things went wrong with my surgery she was always there for me. She stood for hours stretching and holding my fingers straight so that they would not twist and curl. When I need some help setting up my table saw for tilted operation, it is no problem for her to come down and read the degree indicator.

I am so lucky to have her, not only as my friend but also my wife. Karen, I shall love you always.

To Nancy DeFont Arnold (from Lenny)

I also have a very special thanks to Nancy DeFont Arnold. Because of our re-acquaintance at our class reunion, I was able to get back in touch with Mike. Nancy has also had a large part in convincing me to create this web site. She believes that my stories will help others as they did for her. Between her and Mike, I could not refuse.

I have very fond memories of Nancy. We only became friends during the last few weeks of school. I was very lucky to have been paired up with her for all of the graduation events. We laughed a lot and talked about the famous "Y" dances. She also had to tolerate my bizarre sense of humor.

To Pastor Marianne Unger (from Lenny)

I must add this thanks to a wonderful friend, whom I once had the honor and privilege of calling her my Pastor.

Pastor Marianne has been a very motivating force in convincing me to share my stories. The story "Be careful for what you wish " in her opinion is a wonderful testimonial to the Glory of God. On July 1, 2001 she encouraged me to tell this story in place of one of her wonderful sermons. She was absolutely right, the members of the congregation were all very touched. Wherever our journeys in life take us, you will always be with me.

To visit Rev. Marianne and John's web page click here Welcome To Spirit Impact.

To visit Rev. Marianne and John's web page - Join us as we return the significance, truth, and enjoyment of the faith to God's people with interesting teachings and illustrations.

If you would like to read some of Pastor Marianne?s inspiring sermons first click here http://www.sermoncentral.com/

Then from the home page click on the "All Free Searches". Now near the bottom of the page enter "unger" in the Search Sermons By Contributor area. Enjoy!

To Mike Fisher (from Lenny)

I have a very special thanks to my friend and Web Designer, Mike Fisher. During high school days Mike and I were very good friends. We must have played hundreds of games of chess.

I have fond memories of going down to the LAR, an ice cream and sandwich shop. We use to carry in the chess game listen to the jukebox, have a milkshake and play a game or two of chess. What a memory! With that jukebox you could listen to ten songs for fifty cents.

About thirty years ago Mike and I lost contact. Recently I went to my 35th class reunion and became reacquainted with some old classmates. One classmate has a friend who kept in contact with Mike. I was provided with his email address and an old wonderful friendship was re-established.

This web site was Mike's brainstorm. I am truly glad that he convinced me into establishing it. Mike did all of the technical stuff to make it happen.

Thanks Mike.

To Bonnie Zimmerman (From Mike)

(This is a note from Mike Fisher, the "novice" webmaster of this site.) I felt that I should mention that the anonymous person Lenny referred to above, who re-introduced Lenny and me, is Bonnie Zimmerman, my great friend and classmate from Pottsville Area High School class of 1966. She was the main catalyst that brought together the elements that cooked up the wonderful chemistry that made this all happen. As Bonnie told me recently, "The Lord works in mysterious ways."